Mice in the garage

Presence of mice in garages can lead to various health issues. Hundreds of homeowners call pest control services annually to get rid of mice from their house and garage. Mice make nests in walls, chew-on electrical wires and contain highly infectious germs. Therefore, removing them from your property becomes inevitable.

Wood Mouse, Nager, Cute, Eat, Peanuts

Today, fortunately, getting rid of mice has become pretty easy. Another humane approach, however, would be to trap and then release these mice in the wild.

1. Placing live mousetraps with an edible thing at strategic locations is probably the most tried and tested mouse controller method. An individual can set their trap near a wall using the bait’s end near an access point. Also, don’t forget to check these traps daily so you may release the captured mice away from your residence.

2. One can also take advantage of a fantastic quality mouse repellent that’s available nowadays. These effective mouse repellents won’t only drive them away from the garage but will kill them also.

3. Pet owners and parents of small children are always suspicious of such mouse repellents. In that case, you can create your own homely mixture which mice have been despise. One tablespoon of hot pepper sauce, 1/4 cup laundry detergent and at least gallon water if sprayed around the garage will keep mice away.

4. Prevention against new infestations is extremely important. Consequently, if you see any holes in your garage’s walls or its own door, fix them instantly using timber, caulk or a patching compound. Seal all sorts of holes because mice can come from small openings too.

5. Nowadays, one can also avail ultrasonic repellents for preventing mice infestation. They are an eco-friendly and extremely effective solution against the entry of mice in garages. Such repellents produce a sound that is inaudible to humans, but is painful for mice. It prevents new infestations and drives away present mice.

Mouse control seems like a daunting task on the personal front; however, one can get rid of them permanently if he/she follows the aforementioned tips religiously. Moreover, one must always stay extra cautious with rat poisons and repellents in the event you have small children and pets.

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