12 best free business email accounts in 2023 (2024)

12 Best Free Business Email Accounts

Most business owners have at one point or another wondered what’s the best free business email. The truth is that free business email services are not made equal. Ideally, you want your free business email service to have a powerful spam filter, be easy to use, offer plenty of storage space, integrate with other business tools, and be extremely reliable.

That’s a pretty big ask even if you have money to spend on a paid business email account—let alone a free one. To help you find the best email for small business free of charge, we’ve put together a list of the top 12 best free business email accounts. All you have to do is pick the one you like the most and register.

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12 best free business email accounts in 2023 (1)

1. Neo

Neo is a business email platform catering to small businesses and entrepreneurs by providing them with a professional email address. For users who do not own a domain, it offers email services using a free Neo domain and a one-page website to help build their brand identity and establish credibility.

12 best free business email accounts in 2023 (2)

Neo offers its customers a seamless and speedy set-up, coupled with robust tools to enhance their brand. Neo's features include a complimentary one-page website, a free co.site domain name, read receipts, email templates, schedule send, and follow-up reminders to optimize productivity and enable Neo's users to concentrate on their key priorities.

👍🏼 Pros:

  • Along with an email account, a free one-page website and a free co.site domain name are included
  • Only major email platform which notifies you when your emails are read
  • Multiple accounts can be accessed at the same time
  • Works across all mobile and desktop platforms
  • The features are tailored to support the success of small businesses

👎🏼 Cons:

  • This email service requires an active internet connection to function

2. Gmail

With over 1.5 billion active users worldwide, Gmail doesn’t need a lengthy introduction. Since its limited beta release in 2004, Gmail has been redefining user expectations and making email more intuitive, efficient, and useful. Gmail allows business owners to get free email for business with 15 GB of storage space, polished user interface, mobile apps, smart replies, and fantastic integration with the rest of Google’s ecosystem.

12 best free business email accounts in 2023 (3)

Because of the astonishing number of users Gmail has around the world, it can be quite difficult to secure a suitable free business email address. Most legitimate Gmail addresses are already taken, and Gmail doesn’t offer free business email without domain. To use a custom domain name like sales@yourcompany.com, you must spend $5 per user per month on G Suite, which is Google’s collection of cloud computing, collaboration, and productivity tools.

👍🏼 Pros:

  • Reliable
  • Polished mobile apps
  • Advanced features
  • Great spam and malware protection
  • Large email storage space
  • Excellent uptime
  • Integrates well with other Google services

👎🏼 Cons:

  • Most domain names are taken
  • Targeted advertising
  • Some may not like that Gmail users labels instead of folders

3. Titan

Titan is an innovative business email service that’s on a mission to bring businesses and customers closer together by providing a smarter mailing experience that addresses the entire lifecycle of an email conversation. You can quickly craft a professional message using templates, schedule it to be sent in the future, and configure Titan to send you a follow-up reminder in case you don’t receive a reply.

12 best free business email accounts in 2023 (4)

Because business happens everywhere these days, Titan provides blazing-fast apps for desktop and Android and iOS. The service gives you a professional email address that can match your business domain and you can even see multiple accounts in one view—perfect for serial entrepreneurs. Also worth highlighting is Titan’s built-in email signature builder, which can be used to add contact info, company logo, and links to messages with a few simple clicks.

👍🏼 Pros:

  • Cost-effective business mail solution
  • Support for custom domain names
  • Multiple accounts can be viewed at the same time
  • Works across all mobile and desktop platforms

👎🏼 Cons:

  • Doesn’t provide mail marketing services

4. Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail describes itself as the best email free service for businesses, and we have absolutely no reason to question that statement. Offered as a part of Zoho Workplace, a complete suite of cloud applications for small and medium-sized businesses, Zoho Mail is a mature ad-free email hosting with support for custom domain names, guaranteed uptime, and seamless integration with the rest of the Zoho suite.

12 best free business email accounts in 2023 (5)

The Zoho suite includes everything businesses need to be productive. It comes with a very capable suite of office applications, cloud storage with support for collaboration, team communication tools, and a whole host of mobile apps that make it easy to work from anywhere and at any time. Best of all, Zoho Workplace is free for up to 25 users. However, we recommend you upgrade to the Standard plan, which costs $2 per user per month and unlocks IMAP support, as well as plenty of other features.

👍🏼 Pros:

  • Ad-free business email
  • Integrated with Zoho's office suite
  • Eazy to use and configure

👎🏼 Cons:

  • 5 GB free storage space
  • More advanced features require a paid subscription

5. GMX Mail

GMX Mail is a free email service that gives all users unlimited email storage space and access to several productivity-oriented features, including Mail Collector, Address Book, Organizer, and File Storage. Users can register up to 10 free business email addresses, making GMX Mail great for businesses that would like to set up a different communication channel for each department.

12 best free business email accounts in 2023 (6)

Currently, GMX Mail has around 11 million active users, which isn’t much for an email service that has been around since 1997. On the other hand, the low number of active users means that finding a suitable free business email address without resorting to buying a custom domain name should be easy. Hopefully, GMX Mail will soon implement two-factor authentication to improve the security of its users, especially since most other major secure email service providers have already done so.

👍🏼 Pros:

  • Free mobile apps
  • Support for large attachments
  • Solid spam protection
  • Plenty of email storage space

👎🏼 Cons:

  • Lacking customer support
  • Doesn't support two-factor authentication
  • Account deactivation after 6 months of inactivity

6. Outlook.com

It would be very difficult to find a single business owner or office worker who isn’t familiar with Outlook. In 2013, Microsoft released Outlook as a web-based suite of webmail, contacts, tasks, and calendaring services, called Outlook.com. After several major redesigns, Outlook.com has matured to the point when it can now compete with Gmail and other juggernauts (check out the comparison of Gmail vs. Outlook).

12 best free business email accounts in 2023 (7)

Outlook.com is part of Office 365 subscription services offered by Microsoft, which provide access to the latest versions of both the desktop and the online Office apps. The standard Office 365 Business plan costs $8.25 per user per month, and it includes Office applications plus cloud file storage and sharing on PC, Mac, or mobile. It doesn’t, however, include business email. To unlock it, businesses must spend $12.50 per user per month on the Office 365 Business Premium plan.

👍🏼 Pros:

  • Unlimited storage
  • Office 365 integration
  • Simple user interface
  • Focused inbox
  • Reliability

👎🏼 Cons:

  • Limited customization options
  • Sensitive spam filter

7. Yahoo! Mail

Over 200 million people use Yahoo’s email service for personal purposes, but not many know that Yahoo! Mail provides a business plan that costs just $1.19 per month. Included in the plan is a custom domain name, 1 TB of free storage, and support for email aliases, which let you give different email addresses to your employees under the same domain name.

12 best free business email accounts in 2023 (8)

The only thing that keeps Yahoo! Mail at the very bottom of this list is its history of security breaches. In 2017, for example, the company reported that all Yahoo user accounts were compromised, and that’s just one of many large-scale security incidents that happened since the email service was launched in 1997.

👍🏼 Pros:

  • 1 TB of free storage
  • Support for keyboard shortcuts
  • Lets users send free SMS messages
  • Comes with calendar, contacts, and instant messaging

👎🏼 Cons:

  • Poor security track record
  • No IMAP access
  • Doesn't support smart email organization

8. ProtonMail

As a business owner, it's your responsibility to protect the privacy of your customers and business partners. Even a couple of leaked email messages can wreak havoc on your reputation and cause you to lose business. To prevent that from happening, you should consider using an encrypted free business email account provided by ProtonMail.

12 best free business email accounts in 2023 (9)

Based in Switzerland, a country with strict privacy laws, ProtonMail is an end-to-end encrypted email service designed with privacy and anonymity in mind. When setting up a ProtonMail account, you don't have to enter your real name, telephone number, or any other personal information. You simply pick a domain name, choose a secure password, and that's it.

With a free ProtonMail account, you get 500 MB of storage space, one email address, and 150 messages per day. To increase these limits, you have to pay 5.00 € a month for a Plus account, 8.00 € a month for a Professional account, or 30.00 € a month for a Visionary account. Most small business owners will be fine with a Professional account.

👍🏼 Pros:

  • Excellent security
  • Cares about your privacy
  • iOS and Android app
  • Based in Switzerland

👎🏼 Cons:

  • Limited email storage space
  • Only 150 messages per day for free

9. AOL Mail

Owned and operated by AOL, a division of Verizon, this email service dates to 1993, but the current version has very little in common with the original one. AOL Mail users today can send attachments up to 25 MB large, enjoy comprehensive spam and malware protection, and access their email messages via third-party email clients, such as Outlook and Mailbird.

Until 2018, business owners could use a custom domain name with AOL Mail thanks to the AOL My eAddress program. Unfortunately, the program is now discontinued, and AOL Mail recommends that its users use Yahoo Small Business, one of its partner brands, instead.

What AOL Mail still does offer, however, is unlimited email storage space. There are actually some limits, but most users will never approach them, so we don't think it's unfair for AOL to claim that its email service is unlimited.

👍🏼 Pros:

  • Unlimited storage space
  • Polished user interface
  • Spam and malware protection
  • POP3, SMTP, and IMAP support

👎🏼 Cons:

  • The AOL My eAddress program has been discontinued
  • You can't create email aliases

10. Guerrilla Mail

Guerrilla Mail is a temporary email service that lets you create a new email address with the click of a button. You can use it to avoid spam and protect your identity when signing up for online services or communicating with customers who don't seem entirely trustworthy to you.

12 best free business email accounts in 2023 (10)

Being a temporary email service, Guerrilla Mail isn't intended to be used as a primary email account. Each email address you create expires after just one hour, and Guerrilla Mail doesn't provide any recovery option whatsoever to protect the privacy of its users. In fact, the service doesn't even log user activity.

👍🏼 Pros:

  • Unlimited temporary email addresses
  • Doesn't log the activity of its users
  • Lets you send anonymous emails

👎🏼 Cons:

  • Email addresses automatically expire after one hour

11. Mail.com

Mail.com wouldn't be nearly as attractive as a free business email service if it wasn't for its massive portfolio of domain names. When creating a new user account, you can choose from roughly 200 different domains when selecting an email address, so you shouldn't have much trouble finding one that fits your business.

The available domain names include mail.com, workmail.com, engineer.com, Europe.com, accountaint.com, dr.com, journalist.com, programmer.net, photographer.net, teachers.org, secretary.net, and other attractive options.

When it comes to features and usability, Mail.com doesn't feel nearly as modern and feature-packed as Gmail and other leading email services, but it's not downright outdated either. It includes reliable virus protection and a spam blocker, as well as a useful feature that makes it possible to forward messages from other email providers.

👍🏼 Pros:

  • Over 200 domain names to choose from
  • Reliable virus protection and a spam blocker
  • Message forwarding

👎🏼 Cons:

  • Lacks polish
  • Annoying ads

12. Mailfence

Launched in November 2013 by ContactOffice Group, Mailfence is a Belgium-based encrypted email service with features that are guaranteed to appeal to all privacy-conscientious business owners. Because the service is based in Belgium, authorities can’t access the emails stored on Mailfence’s servers without a direct request from a local judge.

All communication is protected by OpenPGP and digital signatures, so you don’t have to worry about a malicious hacker impersonating your supplier to obtain sensitive information from you. Because OpenPGP is an open standard, you can export your encryption keys and transfer your emails elsewhere if you wanted to.

The free version of Mailfence gives you 500 MB of email storage space, and there are three paid versions you can upgrade to, starting at just 2,50 € a month.

👍🏼 Pros:

  • Uses OpenPGP
  • Based in Belgium
  • Supports digitally signed emails
  • No ads

👎🏼 Cons:

  • Limited email storage space

Use Clean Email to Manage Your Free Business Email Account

Regardless of which free business email you choose, you can always use Clean Email to clean your mailboxes of emails you don’t need. Many businesses either underestimate the importance of email software for inbox management, or they don’t have the right tool for the job, resulting in a huge loss of productivity and revenue.

12 best free business email accounts in 2023 (11)12 best free business email accounts in 2023 (12)

Thanks to its intelligent algorithms, Clean Email can automatically sort emails into easy-to-review bundles for bulk email management. It can also create automation rules with a single click, allowing you to apply any action to new emails coming to your mailbox without any manual work.

12 best free business email accounts in 2023 (13)12 best free business email accounts in 2023 (14)

Clean Email works with all business email free services with IMAP support, which includes virtually all best free business email services that you can come across today. To start using Clean Email to manage your free business email account:

  1. Go to: https://app.clean.email
  2. Sign in with your email address and password.
  3. Explore what Clean Email has to offer.

The Quick Clean feature provides the simplest way how to tidy up a messy inbox since it groups the types of emails most commonly cleaned by Clean Email's users. From there, you can automate different actions with the help of Auto Clean, an incredibly useful feature that makes it possible to create smart automation rules with a single click.

12 best free business email accounts in 2023 (15)12 best free business email accounts in 2023 (16)

To take your email management even further, you can use Unsubscriber to prevent marketing emails and newsletters from ever reaching your inbox, or you can dive in with Smart Views and see your entire inbox presented to you in a highly organized manner, with emails grouped by their type.

12 best free business email accounts in 2023 (17)12 best free business email accounts in 2023 (18)


Now that you know how to get a free business email and keep it organized, all you have to do is decide which free business email service seems to best meet your needs and give it a try.

12 best free business email accounts in 2023 (2024)
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