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A bucket list, in general, includes all the things you want to do before you die. These things can be anything from career accomplishments to travel and lifestyle experiences.

Despite what many people believe, your bucket list does not have to be extravagant. Even the simplest of things that make you happy matter.

You may not realize it at first, but creating a meaningful bucket list TRULY motivates you to live your life to the fullest, whether you intend to do it alone or with a friend.

And, as much as you want to tick off those bigger things on your bucket list, doing meaningful things and going on crazy adventures with your bestie is a great way to create memories together. Besides, having a partner in crime is always a bonus!!

So, here are 33 fun bucket list ideas for best friends to have an incredible time together.

The ideas below apply to almost all ages, whether you're looking for a best friend bucket list before college, bucket list ideas for a group of friends, bucket list ideas for adults at work, or things to do with your best friend at school.

What To Do With Your Bestie at Home

1. Binge-Watch a TV Show

It's fun to go to the movies with your bestie. But there's just something about getting into your comfiest PJs, ordering some pizza, putting on facial masks, and binge-watching a TV series you both enjoy from the comfort of your home.

2. Have a Game Night

If you prefer to hang out indoors with your friends, the inappropriate adult party games will ensure things get rolling!! So, gather your closest friends for a sensational night of laughter, bonding, and hilarious fun with adult party games.

3. Have a Girl's Night In

When was the last time you had a sleepover? High school?! Then you probably need to invite your girls over more often. From the simplest to the craziest activities, there are so many memorable ways to spend a girl's night in.

4. Plan a Movie Marathon

Pulling an all-nighter before exams is one thing. But have you ever considered doing it just for fun? Put on your pajamas, make some popcorn, and snuggle up in a comfy blanket with your bestie for a movie marathon of your favorite films.

5. Scrapbooking Together

Being able to look back and reminisce about the good old times spent together is one of the greatest pleasures in life. And scrapbooking with your best friend will let you document and preserve the experiences you shared together aesthetically.

6. Plan a Spa Day at Home

Everyone needs a little relaxation and pampering. And you know, there is no better way to spoil the ladies than with an ultimate pamper party!! So, throw a fabulous spa party to relax and chill with your girls at home.

7. Take a Creative Break

Taking a break is a feel-good activity that is unquestionably beneficial for mental well-being. So, why not do it together with your bestie?!

Spend a day getting crafty together. It could be any creative activity that makes you happy, such as jewelry making, painting, DIYing cute stuff, etc. However, if you aren't into arts and crafts, this Paint by Numbers Kit will help you get started.

8. Bake Together

Baking dates are great for bonding with your loved ones. Even if you aren't into it, trying an easy recipe and enjoying the activity is all that counts.

9. Make Charcuterie Board

Serving a board filled with meat, cheese, fruit, crackers, herbs, and other condiments is nothing new. It, however, has become quite trendy these days.

Charcuterie boards are pretty customizable, look aesthetically pleasing, and allow you to add that extra bit of luxury to your get-togethers.

Crazy Bucket List Ideas with Friends

10. Get Matching Tattoos

Celebrate your everlasting bond with your bestie by getting a unique matching tattoo that means something special to both of you.

11. Try a Scary Ride

Do you want to experience a scary roller coaster ride but are too afraid? Try it with a friend!! And even the most terrifying amusem*nt park ride will seem enjoyable.

12. Go on a Road Trip

Ready for an adventurous getaway? Force yourself out of your comfort zone and take a spontaneous road trip with your best friend.

13. Try an Extreme Sport Together

Do you crave adrenaline? There are so many extreme sports that will allow you to challenge yourself. Besides, having a partner in crime will keep you from backing out.

14. Enjoy Karaoke with Friends

Whether you plan to host a karaoke party for your squad or visit a karaoke spot in your city, enjoying a karaoke night with friends should be on everyone's bucket list.

Besides, it doesn't matter how well or poorly you sing. Just having fun and singing your heart out is all that counts!!

15. Twin with your BFF

Show off your friendship to the world and look like the perfect partners in crime by twinning your outfits.

16. Attend a Live Music Concert

Music connects people, and experiencing a live music concert together is a plus. So, book your tickets, get dressed up to sing along with your favorite artist, and enjoy this electrifying moment with your bestie.

Meaningful Bucket List Ideas

17. Create a YouTube Channel

Do you both aspire to be internet celebrities someday? It's never too late to find a common interest and start a YouTube channel together!

18. Make a Time Capsule

When it comes to lasting friendships, creating a time capsule is the best way to preserve and keep track of your memories together.

So, fill up your time capsule and bury it somewhere you will be able to locate it years later. If you don't want to bury it, try hiding it somewhere others won't find.

19. Get Best Friends Necklaces

Now that you've grown up, the heart-shaped friendship necklaces and bracelets you brought when you were young may seem cringy, but the sentiments it represents will never change.

Even today, friendship necklaces and jewelry are considered meaningful possessions. And in the long run, it will stay with you and remind you of your bond.

20. Find your Go-To Spot

What is the first place that comes to mind when you think of hanging out with your best friend? Is it the local park, the old cafe, or the closest shopping mall?

You might already have a preferred spot if you have known each other for a long time. But if you don't, you should look for one!

21. Plan a Formal Photoshoot

You might take selfies and pictures with your girls regularly. However, planning a professional photoshoot is only something that we associate with weddings.

But believe me, you don't need a reason to dress up and have a well-planned fashion photoshoot with your best friends to have fun and make memories together!!

Things Best Friends Do Together to Spend Time in Nature

22. Watch a Beautiful Sunset

Yes, the sunset is a beautiful sight. But it looks even more gorgeous if you find the right place to see it! Make sure you watch the sunset with your BFF from a great viewpoint at least once.

23. Explore New Places Together

Taking some time out of your busy schedule and going on an adventure to explore new places is the best way to clear your mind. It allows you to step out of your comfort zone, meet new people, taste new flavors, try unique activities, etc. And this experience becomes even more meaningful when you share it with your bestie.

24. Go to a Drive-In Movie Theater

These days, drive-in theaters can be hard to find. It is, however, worth experiencing at least once with your BFF. The best part is that you can talk or crack a joke during the movie without being shushed!!

25. Go Camping this Summer

Love being in nature? Go camping with your friends to enjoy the freedom and experience of a lifetime. Furthermore, you can even enjoy a bonfire and barbeque party at the campsite.

26. Plan a Picnic with Friends

Planning a simple picnic at a nice spot like a beach is a great way to spend time in nature with your friends. Just get your picnic basket and some games to play.

27. Visit an Amusem*nt Park

Escape from your everyday routine and go to a theme park with your bestie. It will transport you to a new stress-free world where you can have memorable experiences. No wonder why theme parks are so popular with all age groups.

28. Drink with a View

Rooftop bars are perfect for experiencing the ultimate luxury in life. So, at least once, enjoy a drink with your best buddy at a stylish sky-high bar that offers a panoramic view of the city skyline and a cozy ambiance.

Simple Bucket List Ideas for Friends

29. Join a Hobby Class

Do you and your bestie share a passion? Since learning together is more fun than learning alone, you might want to take things to the next level by joining a class together. It could be a dance class, cooking class, yoga, Zumba, etc.

30. Go Shopping Together

Going on retail therapy together has been quite a favorite bonding activity among women. Sure, you must have already ticked off this activity; if you've known your BFF for a long time. But if you haven't yet, it's never too late!

31. Go on a Double Date

If you both have partners, planning a double date is a must!

32. Go Bowling

Instead of hanging out at bars, going bowling with your friends is a great way to have fun and engage in a friendly competition.

33. Visit a Theme-based Restaurant

Nowadays, many theme-based restaurants, cafes, and bars are popping up in every corner of the world. Do your research and find a uniquely theme-based restaurant in your city that suits your taste, then plan a date with your BFF there.

These were the 33 fun bucket list ideas for friends.

33 Fun Bucket List Ideas for Friends — Miss Tea Positive (2024)
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