Best Ultra-Light and Ultra-Compact Power Banks (2023)

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As their names imply, ultra-light and ultra-compact power banks are extremely convenient to carry. Although they can be very practical, they tend to have a limited charging capacity. If you enjoy trail running, rock climbing, paragliding, or trekking, these power banks are a must-have if you want to reduce the weight you carry.

1. Top choice: Zendure SuperMini 5000mAh

Best Ultra-Light and Ultra-Compact Power Banks (1)

  • Capacity: 5000mAh
  • Weight: 3.9 oz / 110 g
  • Size: 4.3 x 1.10 x 1.02 in
  • Ports: USB-C and USB-A

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The Zendure SuperMini 5000mAh is one of the lightest and most compact power banks that you can buy. At just under 4 ounces you can hardly feel that you have it on you. Being slightly larger than a classic lipstick, you can easily fit it in a trouser pocket, not to mention purses or backpacks. This is the type of power bank you’ll even forget you have until the moment you actually need it.

But besides its lightweight and compactness, this is also a power bank that has some oomph. It features both Quick Charge and Power Delivery charging technologies. This means your phone will be able to top off in the fastest way possible. Power Delivery is achieved via the USB type C port, while Quick Charge via its USB type A port. Thus, you’ll be able to charge two different devices simultaneously.

Best Ultra-Light and Ultra-Compact Power Banks (2)

It can output a maximum of 18W of power. Having such fast charging speeds is quite unusual for such compact power banks. On top of this, it also features a premium coming in an all-metal casing. The metal ridges on its side give it a premium look, making it seem like something out of the aviation industry. At around $36, it’s also fairly well priced given all the features it comes with.

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What we like about it

  • Two different ports
  • Up to 18W output
  • PD & QC
  • Metal case
  • Elegant look

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2. Anker PowerCore 5000mAh

Best Ultra-Light and Ultra-Compact Power Banks (3)

  • Capacity: 5000mAh
  • Weight: 4.8 oz / 136 g
  • Size: 4.2 x 1.3 x 1.3 in
  • Ports: 1 USB-A, 1 micro USB

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The Anker PowerCore 5000mAh is a good contender for the best ultra-light and ultra-compact portable charger. Overall, it’s slightly larger and heavier than the Zendure SuperMini 5000mAh power bank. But not by too much, so you won’t really feel the difference.

Maybe one of the biggest shortcomings of the Anker PowerCore 5000mAh is the fact that it features a micro USB charging port. These ports are starting to get outdated and are being replaced with USB type-C ports that are faster and also have dual charging directions. This means the Anker has only the USB type A port for power output, unlike the Zendure SuperMini which has two output ports.

Best Ultra-Light and Ultra-Compact Power Banks (4)

But where the Anker really shines is when it comes down to the price. At just about $18, it’s twice as cheap compared to the Zendure SuperMini 5000mAh. So if you’re looking for a budget compact power bank, then look no further. It isn’t easy to find a different power bank that can beat Anker’s offer.

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What we like about it

  • Very affordable
  • Small and compact

What we dislike about it

  • Small capacity
  • Micro USB port instead of USB type C

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3. Slimmest: Anker 622 Magnetic 5000mAh

Best Ultra-Light and Ultra-Compact Power Banks (5)

  • Capacity: 5000mAh
  • Weight: 5 oz / 141 g
  • Size: 4.13 x 2.62 x 0.5 in
  • Recharging time: 4 hours
  • Ports: 1 USB Type C

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The Anker 622 Magnetic 5000mAh power bank is one of the slimmest options on the market. At only 0.5 inches thick, you can easily slide this portable charger into even the tightest of your pockets. In fact, due to its MagSafe compatibility, this power bank was designed from the get-go to be attached to the back of smartphones. Since it can provide wireless power, your phone will charge seamlessly while the power bank is attached. The magnetic hold is so strong that it won’t come off if you slide your phone alongside the Anker 622 into your jeans pocket.

Best Ultra-Light and Ultra-Compact Power Banks (6)

Another interesting feature that sets it aside from other power banks, is its foldable kickstand. You can use it in order to prop up your phone on a flat surface such as a desk or a table. This will enable you to watch a video, for example, while your smartphone is being charged wirelessly. The only disadvantage of the kickstand is that you can’t use it while charging the power bank, its only port is facing down, towards the table.

Best Ultra-Light and Ultra-Compact Power Banks (7)

The Anker 622 comes with a USB type C input/output port. This means you can charge your phone either wirelessly or using the classic, wired approach. However, please note that you won’t be able to charge two different devices simultaneously. Either one device via wireless charging, or one device via the USB type C port.

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What we like about it

  • One of the slimmest power banks
  • Wireless charging
  • Foldable kickstand
  • Sturdy build

What we dislike about it

  • Only a single output port
  • Small capacity

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4. Largest capacity: Zendure SuperMini 10000mAh USB C Portable Charger

Best Ultra-Light and Ultra-Compact Power Banks (8)

  • Capacity: 1o000mAh
  • Weight: 6.3 oz / 178 g
  • Size: 3.1 x 2.2 x 1 in
  • Ports: 1 USB-A, 1 USV type C

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The Zendure SuperMini 10000mAh is from the same series as the first pick on our list. This is one of the smallest and most compact 10000mAh power banks. We added it to the list even though it’s slightly larger than the other options. But the main reason it’s here is due to its larger capacity. Sure, we all love the ultra-compact options, but if you want more than a full phone recharge, they won’t do.

In case you’re looking for a bit of extra power, then getting a 10000mAh power bank instead of a 5000mAh one, will make a lot of difference. It’s just 1.5 ounces heavier than the Anker PowerCore 5000mAh, but it packs twice the capacity. That’s a real achievement from Zendure right there.

It also comes with two different charging ports: one input/output USB type C and one output USB type A. This means you can use this portable charger to top up two different devices at the same time. It also features Power Delivery, so you can use the fast-charge feature of your smartphone.

Last but not least, the Zendure SuperMini 10000mAh has a sturdy metallic casing that protects it very well from possible shocks. It also looks sleek and elegant. You won’t be ashamed to take this baby out in public. On the contrary, it can easily be a conversation piece.

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What we like about it

  • Large capacity
  • Two different charging ports
  • Power Delivery (PD)
  • Sturdy metal casing
  • Cool looks

What we dislike about it

  • Premium price

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Pros and cons of ultra-light and ultra-compact power banks


  • As their names imply, ultra-light and ultra-compact power banks are convenient to carry and take up minimal space.
  • They are small enough to fit in any pocket or wallet.


  • As previously stated, due to the compact size of these power banks, the battery capacity is also limited.
  • Ultra-light and ultra-compact power banks cannot be used to charge equipment that requires a lot of power, such as laptops, due to their low power output.
  • Due to their compact size, they’re easy to misplace.
  • They usually don’t come with fast charging technologies.

All-in-all, these power banks are great for activities or situations in which size and weight are paramount. They’re a good option for nature lovers that want to travel light, but they also excel as everyday carry items. The obvious setbacks are a lack of charging capacity and a lack of fast charging features. If you can manage to oversee these shortcomings, then these mini power banks are just the thing you need.

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