Discontinued Clinique Products Guide (2024)

A discontinued favorite beautyproduct is sad.
But discontinued Clinique products are a beauty disaster.

Was your favorite Clinique product discontinued? This guide gives a list of 16 places to buy discontinued Clinique products.

Why Clinique Cannot Be Duped

Most beauty products have an acceptable “dupe” or duplicate in another brand. Except for Clinique. For those with skin sensitivities, it is difficult to replace a Clinique product.

Clinique was an early physician-developed line starting with the iconic Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer.

Clinique is well tolerated by most sensitivities and has a loyal following. With Clinique, dupes are a last resort. It is difficult to replace both a shade and a sensitive skin-friendly formulation.

This guide focuses on where to find the discontinued Clinique product for sale.

Where to Find Discontinued Clinique Products

Online, B&M Discontinued Clinique Sources

We’ve personally used these sources that sell select discontinued Clinique products:


First, check the Clinique.com Last Chance section. It primarily sells recently discontinued products.

If you cannot locate your discontinued product, try Clinique Gone But Not Forgotten

Clinique “Gone But Not Forgotten” Program

Clinique helps you find discontinued Clinique products. They offer Live Chat or you can call them at 1-800-216-7173 to locate the discontinued products or get a recommended Clinique substitute.

The Gone But Not Forgotten program can locate a Clinique product discontinued in the last three years.



Outlet Stores

The Cosmetic Company Store carries current and discontinued Clinique items.

It is a solid reputable source for Clinique Bonus, GWP sets and limited runs of shades found only within the gift with purchase offers.

In the Brick and Mortar Cosmetic Company Store, we have found quantities of ten or more of various discontinued Clinique items.

Currently, they have elusive finds likeClinique Quickliner for Eyes in Intense Chocolate

Beauty Boutique

On occasion, Beauty Boutique has some Clinique products we haven’t seen in years!

This classic catalog is still available in print, but now they are also online.

Current Clinique finds includeClinique Aromatics in White fragrance andClinique Chubby Sticks.



Buy Beauty

Buy Beauty has about 50 current, hard-to-find, and discontinued Clinique products at very reasonable prices.

Browse the current Buy Beauty Clinique offerings here


Fishpond finds your item for sale somewhere in the world and ships it to you, often at a premium.

There are pages current and hard-to-find Clinique items, but in limited quantities.

Some examples are Clinique Rouge A Levres A Different Grape Lipstick for $59 and Clinique Touch Base for Eyes



Smaller Stores & Independent Pharmacies

If your favorite product was discontinued recently, some smaller stores hold inventory longer than the big box stores.

Independently owned, small-town pharmacies may still carry older stock Clinique.


StrawberryNet sells mostly high-end brands at a discount. They have some discontinued Clinique and at times older new stock.

Check out StrawberryNet’s Clinique product current stock here.




FragranceNet has been online for over two decades, and they have a limited selection of cosmetics including Clinique.

We have purchased from them without any problem and the stock was fresh despite being discontinued.

Check out the FragranceNet Clinique selection


A limited selection of Clinique fragrances can be found at FragranceX



Online Auctions

You can often find discontinued Clinique on eBay or Poshmark.

eBay has both individuals and business sellers. Poshmark is generally single individuals selling extra unused products they do not need.

Third-Party Vendors on Shopping Platforms

Some sell discontinued Clinique items, like Clinique Raspberry Glace lipstick, at a premium. Others sell older Clinique GWP offers that contain discontinued products.

Third-party sellers offer Clinique GWP sets and limited editions at platforms such as:




PharmaPacks is a reputable third-party seller we’ve had good experiences with on both Amazon and eBay.

The Pharmapacks website also sells current Clinique and a few discontinued Clinique products.

Three Custom Color

If all else fails, you may be faced with the daunting task of replacing a discontinued Clinique product with a new brand.

Three Custom Color can replicate a product texture and color like they got a DNA cloning machine.

Search the archive of over 100 pre-existing custom Clinique lipstick dupes.

Lipsticks include beloved shades like Black Lily and Black Honey. There are also Clinique eyeshadows, concealer, and powder dupes.

Don’t see yours on the list? Send them a sample of a discontinued Clinique product and they can make it for you.



StyleChicks Discontinued Clinique Product Thread

Since 2008, friendly Style Chicks readers have helped each other locate discontinued Clinique via this blog post.

Our Clinique discontinued product comment thread has Clinique product seekers and friendly folks trying to help out.

Add your long-lost Discontinued Clinique love to the list and alert other StyleChicks readers to be on the lookout.

Overstock Stores

Overstocks and odd lots are available in brick & mortar stores and online. They range from TJMaxx and Filene’s Basem*nt overruns to no-name liquidation warehouse like varieties of salvage, drop ship palettes of unwanted product. Rarely, Clinique products may appear at liquidation stores that acquire overstocks.

Cosmetic overstocks are sold online at:




Another online resource for current and discontinued Clinique products is BeautyEncounter. Some products are even at a nominal discount.

Currently there are about 56 Clinique products available, mostly various foundation shades, a few older Clinique Bonus sets, and a few fragrances.

See the BeautyEncounter discontinued Clinique here

Other Discontinued Clinique Product Ideas

  • Occasionally discontinued Clinique appears at consignment shops or estate sales.
  • Ask around amongst friends, they may have a spare or an unused GWP bonus gift containing your long lost Clinique product.

Summary on How to Find Discontinued Clinique Products

That’s our list of resources to find your favorite discontinued Clinique product. There are a variety of online and in-store vendors that may still have your favorite Clinique item!

The StyleChicks also have sensitive skin. While Clinique was the first to take a dermatological approach to skincare, other brands have followed suit. We feature many beauty brands which avoid parabens, phthalates and fragrance to be suitable for sensitive skin.We also cover clean cosmetics brandsfree of excess chemicals, fillers and fragrance.

Check out some of our clean beauty product reviews on the Style Chicks blog!

Was this guide useful for locating discontinued Clinique products? Then you may also enjoy the Defining Beauty Ingredients Glossary and our Curated Skincare Favorites

Discontinued Clinique Products Guide (2024)
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