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  • 🖤tough love🖤 - Charlie Morningstar X Male Reader

    227K 4.1K 34

    Charlie is your childhood friend...and, let's just say she's just a family friend. You don't like her, and you also don't like when she approaches you, you don't like her cheerful vibes that sideline her, and even worse when she hugs you. But that will change when your family says that you will marry Charlie when yo...


  • Hazbin Hotel: The Fiend

    107K 2K 21

    Fiend: an evil spirit or a demon. Just a heads up, this'll be a (Male Reader) insert thing but you can imagine it to be female if you'd like.

  • Hazbin Hotel - Charlie x Male Angel Reader [OUTDATED]

    295K 4.2K 14



  • Waiting for you...(Male Reader X Hazbin Hotel)

    206K 3.1K 45

    You are a young teenager, after a series of unfortunate events happen to you in the span of "2 months", have somehow ended up in hell. Naturally you wander the streets until you find a building to sleep in, maybe it's abandoned....maybe Disclaimer: I do not own Hazbin Hotel, songs, pictures shown, and properties. I am...

  • A Hellish Situation

    17.1K 245 26

    Hi. I'm Carmine, a video game designer, writer, loved boyfriend, basically a normal human. Until one day something happened that will change my life forever. But as it turns out, it was actually the best thing to ever happen to me. { Hazbin Hotel does not belong to me it belongs to Vivienne Medrano aka Vivziepop. } T...

    Completed Mature

  • A Miserable Fate... (Hazbin Hotel)

    49.6K 643 35

    You, the reader, is a famous chef at a gourmet restaurant. An envious coworker of yours decides to murder you. You were shot but survived you escaped into the woods and meet a man who is also clinging to their life... You being haunted by your past is helped by some newfound friends. Will you be able to escape this fi...


  • Ancient Loving [Discontinued]

    63.3K 773 32

    Y/N is a young man who died in the 1820s. He was a very curious, benevolent, and nice man. His past is not very known. He has made many enemies in Hell. As well as allies. But what about lovers? Y/N never thought of love, mostly because he was always busy and had no time for it. But what will happen when he enters th...


  • Hazbin Hotel × Reader

    193K 1.5K 17

    Hazbin hotel does NOT belong to me!


  • Hell hotel (hazbin hotel x child reader)

    274K 3.9K 17

    "Excuse my sudden visit, but I saw your fiasco on the picture show and I just couldn't resist. What a performance! Why, I haven't been that entertained since the stock market crash of 1929, hahaha... so many orphans Hello, my name is alester, this is a little story at the princess's hotel, why don't you stay tuned l...

  • Little bro (male reader x hazbin hotel)

    272K 3.1K 25

    What if the doomslayer had a younger brother that meant the world to him? HIs little brother was always a kind and gentle soul but this made him always targeted by demons as a means to break him just like what they did with their parents. But one day a portal opened and y/n was pulled in by hell. What adventures and t...


  • Hell's Killer (Hazbin Hotel x Male Reader)

    668K 10.3K 71

    You were a prodigal assassin. The best of the best. The body count of criminals were indescribable. Even in off duty, you kill scumbags. But your life came to an end. Plus instead of going to Heaven, you got drag down to Hell. Ain't that a bitch? PS: Fem Harem Story and all rights belongs to owners.


  • The Artist Of Hell (Hazbin Hotel X Male Reader) [Discontinued]

    201K 3.5K 14

    An artist you are. The most talented of them all, but you are not happy. You (Y/n) (L/n) want to get out of hell since you know you have been wrongly accused and abused. Your friend Charlie has opened a hotel of redemption, and there you will meet new demons, new threats, and maybe new loves. All rights go to Vivziepo...

  • Hazbin Hotel x Male Reader[demon]

    210K 1.9K 16

    I had such a terrible life, and hell was no walk in the park either, i was known as the 2nd most feared mortal soul ever called Fallen. I was not at all a fan of violence, but I had to to survive. But when I met Charlie, I knew she was the key to being redeemed.


  • Hell's Musician (Hazbin Hotel x (Alastor's long lost Brother) Male Reader

    200K 2.3K 26

    Many have hear of Alastor , aka "The Radio Demon", mainly because of 2 reasons. first being that he is one of the powerful overlord hell has ever seen and secondly, he was engaged to Charlie. Yet another name was being more commonly heard around hell..."The Music Demon". Not a lot of people even know what he look like...

  • Hazbin Hotel Girls x Male Angel Reader

    649K 7.2K 30

    Sent down from Heaven to check on Hell, you find yourself in multiple scenarios with the girls of the Hazbin Hotel universe. Fall in love, develop relationships and woo that special demon girl, cause an Angel and a Demon together? What could go wrong? Due to the success of my first ever story about Charlie from Hazbin...

  • Twin opposites (shy male Alastor x hazbin hotel)

    616K 9.8K 42

    The radio demon. The most powerful demon in all of hell. People shutter at the mention of his name. They know of the unspeakable acts even for hell that his has committed. What allowed him this power, no one knows. But what happens when Alastor is NOT in hell city? Where is he? The answer: is with his brother y/n

  • A deep bond (Niffty x male!teen!reader)

    207K 2.7K 30

    A boy falls to hell. Scared he finds a nice looking hotel. He finds a small girl and slowly grows fond.

  • Alastor's Shy Brother (Hazbin Hotel x Alastor male reader)

    214K 3.2K 10

    What would happen if Alastor had a brother in hell but is the complete opposite of him. Warning: Mature Content and Lemons Disclaimer: Characters do not belong to me.


  • The Devils Reaper (Hazbin Hotel Fanfic)

    87.6K 1.5K 30

    ☆COMPLETED 2020 [OLD VERSION] ☆Leaves Award 2021 2nd place Winner •REWRITTEN VERSION SOON• though I walk through the Valley of the shadow of death, I will Fear NO EVIL for I am the most Bad-ass Motherf*cker in the valley and I don't need anything to comfort me. ☆Leaves Award 2021 2nd place Winner Book Cover Art (Twitt...


  • --Hazbin Hotel -- Charlie x Male reader oneshots! AUs! and scenarios!

    581K 4.2K 56

    (Y/n) was a sinner, a dirty no good bastard. That's what (Y/n) thought of himself worth nothin' and deserved to be in hell. He used to be a soldier who killed men, so (Y/n) welcomed his fate.

  • The Heroic Rogue Soldier in Hell (On Hold)

    137K 1.7K 13

    (Hazbin Hotel & Helluva Boss X Male Reader) Capt. (Y/N) (L/N) was a Spec Ops soldier he and his team risks there lives for there country until he and his team we're ambushed only (L/N) survived and then he was found guilty of treason, a crime he didn't commit and after escaping the authorities (L/N)'s parents and sist...


  • Hazbin Hotel Gf Scenarios (DISCONTINUED)

    203K 2K 49

    This Is a fun little thing that I thought would be well...fun. Also request are open so if you have anything that you would like to see in this story just let me know by leaving a comment and I'll put it into the story if I can Cover for this book was found on https://www.pinterest.com/pin/808466570588332605/ art c...

    Completed Mature

  • Hazbin Hotel: The Innocent Sinner

    447K 6.7K 54

    A OC x Hazbin Hotel X Helluva boss fanfic. An innocent teen has been sent to hell after being brutally killed, and must find a way to get back to the living world. WARNING: For all first time readers if you like this story and find it interesting, do yourself a favor and PLEASE ADD TO IT YOUR READING LIST... okay I'm...

    Completed Mature

  • The Crime Fighter in Hell (CANCELLED)

    293K 3.3K 31

    Y/N L/N started out as a cop. The best damn cop there was. Until he was framed for corruption by his partner. After serving a year in prison, he tracked the man he thought was his friend and murdered him in cold blood, before being killed in a shootout with the police. For five years, he's rotted in h...

    Completed Mature

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