[ His Companion ] Hazbin Hotel Various x Male Reader (2024)

Chapter 2: Love

He was a trusted friend, as most would say.

He was the type of person who would help anyone in need. He just have this warm, gentle, kind aura around him. It made him seem soft and harmless.

He always wears a friendly smile, always get to make everyone feel at ease.He was a gentle and soft spoken person.

He was like an angel.


He was once...

He once wondered, what made him change so drastically? Maybe it's the environment he was thrown in. Maybe it's because of the burning hatred and desire of vengeance for the heavens above.

Or maybe it's because he once felt like this before.

Every smile he makes, every sweet words, soft laughter, the hugs, the friendly waves, to others... It was merely a facade. A mask.

He was only ever genuine to Alastor.

The one who held out his hand to reach his own.

Somehow, in an instant, they understood each other. New everything the other is thinking. New anything the other feels.


M/n walked through the empty streets of hell. It was silent and tense. It was the end of another year and everyone is aware of what's to come.

M/n sighed and walked further to the streets, turning corners which no one could possibly memorize. Soon enough he arrived to a secluded average house.

Opening the door, he was greeted with an immediate hug. He was quick to wrap his arms in response.

A few minutes passed like this.

" My lord, we can't stay like this forever. You know what day it is today. We have to get ready. " M/n said, lightly patting the other's back to tell him to let go.

Alastor chuckled.

" My dear aide, if they were to interrupt, they'd be gone for good!" Alastor's arms around M/n tightened ever so slightly." I missed you so much, my dear~"

M/n let out a breathly laugh. " We see each other everyday."

Alastor ignored his reply and affectionately kissed M/n's forehead, in which M/n closed his eyes in response.

" We have to get ready," M/n repeated. " Alastor."

M/n doesn't usually call Alastor by his name. He prefers 'my lord' over anything. But he calls him by his name every once in a while, whenever things are serious or Alastor wants M/n to say his name.

Alastor paused and sighed slightly, nuzzling M/n's hair before letting go.

" How do you feel," Alastor asked. " as of today?"

" ... conflicted."

" Of course." Alastor replied, puting on his coat. " You hate killing don't you? You said it yourself. "

Alastor came closer to him and brushed M/n's hair, tucking it behind his ear. He rested his hand on M/n's cheek.

M/n leaned his face in Alastor's hand." Killing... Is not a part of me... "

" But it depends. If the person is truly evil, then I guess it's okay for me. I have no regrets. "

Alastor hummed. He wasn't really convinced. He knows his companion as much as his companion knows him. It's crazy really, how much they know each other so well. It was as if they were made for each other.

" After this, I'll make us both dinner. I was thinking of eating those dammed exterminators meat. But I changed my mind. "

M/n smiled.

" Aren't you supposed to be on a meeting after the extermination, my lord? His highness won't be happy if you don't show up. "

Alastor chuckled, his eyes flashing codes, glitching heard from his voice." It's not like he gets to say anything about it."

Times like this, when Alastor acts like this. M/n was reminded who the person in front of him really is-- a murderous demon overlord who gained his title overnight and slowly reaching the king of hells level.

It's probably terrifying for others, but for M/n.. this was just Alastor. The man who reached out his hand to take his. The one who guided him to this sinful world. The one who treated him with love and affection unlike any other. This was his companion.

M/n laughed slightly. " Alright.. if you say so, my lord. I look forward to it." He kissed the palm that still rest in his cheek. It made Alastor's eyes soften.

A sudden change of wind was felt. Alastor's and M/n's eyes glowed menacingly.

It was time.

Alastor's hand wrapped around M/n's waist.

" Let the fun begin, my dear~"


It was bloody. Bodies mutilated and torn apart. Buildings destroyed. Golden and red blood scattered across the pavement, both from exterminators and demons.

It was a very gruesome sight. For Alastor though-- it was nostalgic.

This sight, this destruction, this scenario... It was almost the same as the day they first met. The day he first really felt love.

Alastor looked at M/n's direction, finding him standing over a dead exterminator, it's sphere in his hand.

Alastor walked towards him, hugging him from behind. M/n leaned on Alastor's chest, his hair slightly swaying.

"... I.. used to have one of these. I didn't understand what they're for. Considering we're in heaven.. and there's no need to fight."

Alastor listened silently.

" So..I didn't understand what they were training me for. The heaven was protected by the high God. There was no need for fighting.." M/n's fingers traced through the sharp end of the sphere, lightly running his fingers along it.

" I've always desired to be admired. To be seen as someone who's worth more than....." M/n trailed off.

" I wasn't naive. I wasn't clueless of the world around me. I just... I just chose to be kind. To.. believe, that anyone can be a better person if they really try.. if they were given a chance."

Alastor new that he wasn't only talking about the time he was a heavenly being, he was also talking as himself... When he was still a living human, walking on the surface of the earth.

" Alastor..? " M/n's voice echoed around them. It was soft, gentle.

Alastor stayed silent.

" Do you believe that anyone can be a better person... if they really really try..? "

"... no. " Alastor's answer was firm and steady.

" Oh... "

Silence stayed between them for a while.

" I love you... Al. "

" I love you too.. my dearest companion. "

[ His Companion ] Hazbin Hotel Various x Male Reader (2024)
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