Top 10 AI Portraits Generators Review 2023 (2023)

Summary: Here is a review discovering top AI portrait generators that transform photos into stunning artwork, apply various effects, and perfect selfies for captivating visual experiences.

In today's digital age, many individuals face the challenge of visualizing themselves in different scenarios, such as aging into their 70s or 80s, or even experiencing a gender swap. Moreover, some may wonder how they would appear through the artistic lenses of renowned painters like Rembrandt, Raphael, or Van Gogh. As an experienced reviewer, I understand these concerns and have explored various products to address these specific needs. This article aims to provide an objective analysis of these tools, highlighting their capabilities and identifying the most suitable options to help you make an informed decision.

Top 10 AI Portraits Generators

With most AI portrait generators, you are expected to apply effects to your photos, such as getting older, getting younger, changing haircuts, adding beards, or becoming female/male. For a few apps, you can even make your own portraits look as if they were painted by Picasso and Munch.

The relevant products available are mainly apps. So this article will focus on apps. If you're looking for some other tools to help you turn your selfie to anime, then Selfie to Anime 2023 is what you need.

ProductPriceCompatibilityMain FeaturesFilters/StylesOutput Quality
1. VanceAI Art GeneratorFree & Paid ($4.99 for 100 credits)OnlineAI-generated art, mimic favorite artist style, HD outputArt keywordsHD
2. PrismaFree & Paid ($8/mo or $130/yr)iOS & AndroidAI-based filters, Renaissance-style portraits, fine-tune pictures300+ stylesHigh
3.VansPortraitFree & Paid ($9.9/200 credits/mo)OnlineTurn photo into sketch or anime portrait automaticallySketch, AnimeHigh
4. PainntFree & Paid ($1/wk, $2/mo, $10/yr)iOS & AndroidCustomized HD filters, high-resolution painting, community1,000+ filtersHD
5. ArtistoFree & Paid ($1 to $2)iOS & AndroidWorks with photos and videos, neural network processingVarious filtersLimited in Free version

1.VanceAI Art Generator

  • Notable features: Fast processing, HD output, data security
  • Price:Free & Paid ($4.99 for 100 credits)
  • Compatibility: iOS & Android

VanceAI Art Generatoris a versatile AI-powered art creation tool that can generate unique artistic self-portraits based on keywords entered by the user. It is ideal for individuals who want to mimic the style of their favorite artist or create custom HD art easily.

During our experience with the tool, we found that its fast processing, HD output, and data security make it stand out. The AI image generator workspace allows you to adjust the image size to achieve your desired quality.

However, the major drawback of this product is its limited trial and random output, which may not always meet users' expectations. Additionally, it is not designed for bulk production.

Top 10 AI Portraits Generators Review 2023 (1)

2. Prisma

  • Notable features: Hundreds of styles, community sharing, fine-tune adjustments
  • Price:Free & Paid ($8 per month or $130 per year)
  • Compatibility: iOS & Android

Prisma, a renowned AI-based filter app, allows users to transform their photos into Renaissance-style portraits or apply over 300 styles from its extensive library. It is best suited for individuals who appreciate a wide range of artistic styles and continuous updates.

After researching its performance, we found that Prisma's strengths lie in its ability to fine-tune picture adjustments such as exposure, sharpness, contrast, and brightness. Moreover, the app fosters a creative community where users can share their creations and discover new ideas.

Prisma's shortcomings include occasional crashes upon opening, the lack of an outright purchase option, and the necessity of a subscription before accessing the trial.

Top 10 AI Portraits Generators Review 2023 (2)


  • Hundreds of styles and keep updating
  • Creations community
  • Fine-tune pictures


  • Can’t buy outright
  • Sometimes crashes on opening
  • Requires subscription before the trial

3. VansPortrait

  • Notable features: Automatic sketch or anime portrait conversion, dual-mode conversion
  • Price:Free & Paid (5 credits for free or $9.9/200 credits/month)
  • Compatibility: Online

VansPortrait, powered by VanceAI Sketch Converter, is an online tool designed to convert photos into sketch paintings or anime portraits automatically. It is perfect for users seeking a simple, fast solution for their artistic needs.

From the perspective of experience, we found that this AI portrait generator utilizes deep learning models to accurately identify and convert portraits without manual intervention. Its dual-mode feature offers the option to convert the entire photo or just the portrait, providing greater creative flexibility.

The primary limitation of VansPortrait is its lack of editing features, which might restrict users who want more control over their output.

This anime AI has been launched on ProductHunt. If you like it, give it an upvote by clicking on >>>Top 10 AI Portraits Generators Review 2023 (3)Top 10 AI Portraits Generators Review 2023 (4)


  • Turn photo into sketch or anime portrait automatically
  • Offer one more option to turn the entire photo into a sketch or anime portrait
  • Output greater results than traditional tools
  • Easy and fast to use


  • Lack editing feature

And of course, besides VansPortrait, there are many other tools to turn your image into a sketch, find the best pencil sketch converter here easily.

4. Painnt

  • Notable features: Over 1,000 filters, customized HD filters, high-resolution rendering
  • Price: Free & Paid ($1 per week, $2 per month, and $10 per year)
  • Compatibility: iOS & Android

Painnt is an AI-driven app that transforms photos into artistic AI portraits using a vast selection of over 1,000 filters, including classical, comic book, modern, abstract, and mosaic styles. It is ideal for users seeking a wide array of filter options to give their photos a unique, artistic touch.

During our experience with Painnt, we discovered its ability to render high-resolution paintings and adjust settings for distinct-looking artwork. The app also offers a community platform for sharing creations and gaining inspiration from others.

However, Painnt's drawbacks include occasional processing failures and limitations on the free version's output resolution, which also displays ads and adds a watermark.

Top 10 AI Portraits Generators Review 2023 (5)


  • More than 1,000 filters and many customized HD filters
  • Render high-resolution painting
  • Own community


  • Sometimes fail to process
  • Free version limits output resolution, shows ads and adds a watermark

5. Artisto

  • Notable features: Easy-to-use interface, works with photos and videos
  • Price: Free & Paid ($1 to $2)
  • Compatibility: iOS & Android

Artisto is a user-friendly app that processes both photos and videos through neural networks to generate eye-catching visual effects, including transforming photos into paintings. It is suitable for users looking for a simple yet effective tool for enhancing their multimedia content.

After our research, we found that Artisto's easy-to-use interface and range of filters streamline the creative process, allowing users to quickly achieve their desired results.

The major limitation of Artisto is its support for only very short videos in the free version, which also restricts the output resolution and adds a watermark.Top 10 AI Portraits Generators Review 2023 (6)


  • Easy to use
  • Work for both photos and videos


  • Only support very short video
  • The free version limits the resolution of the output and add a watermark

6. Deep Art Effects

  • Notable features: Over 50 filters from famous artists, easy-to-use interface, HD resolution artworks
  • Price: Free and Paid (3 Month Usage Plan. $25 ($8.33 / month) 6 Month Usage Plan. $45 ($7.50 / month) 1 Year Usage Plan. $80 ($6.66 / month))
  • Compatibility: iOS & Android

Deep Art Effects is an AI portrait app that utilizes AI technology to transform photos and selfies into famous fine art paintings inspired by artists such as Van Gogh, Monet, da Vinci, and more. It caters to users who want to recreate the styles of renowned artists with ease.

From our experience, we observed that Deep Art Effects offers powerful functions and various options even in the free version, with more than 50 filters from famous artists and HD resolution artworks (1080px). Additionally, the app processes images near real-time, allowing for quick results.

The primary drawback of Deep Art Effects is occasional hangs when applying effects, which may cause frustration for some users.

Top 10 AI Portraits Generators Review 2023 (7)


  • Easy to use
  • Powerful functions and various options even in free version
  • More than 50 filters from famous artists
  • HD Resolution for artworks (1080px)
  • Fast image processing near realtime


  • Sometimes hang when applying effects

7. FaceAPP

  • Notable features: Advanced neural portrait editing, multiple fun functions, gender swap
  • Price: Free & Paid ($19.99 for a lifetime subscription; unlock all the filters with $3.99)
  • Compatibility: iOS & Android

FaceApp, a Russia-based app, first went viral in 2017. Last year, it was in the spotlight again due to its new filter. That filter can make users look older or younger.

FaceApp, a Russia-based app, utilizes advanced neural portrait editing technology to enhance selfies, offering features such as the Hollywood filter, changing haircuts and colors, makeup application, gender-swapping, and age alteration. It is perfect for users seeking a versatile app for selfie improvement and entertainment.

During our experience with FaceApp, we appreciated the app's ability to perfect photos in various ways and its inclusion of fun functions like gender swapping, which adds a unique touch to the user experience.

The app's major downside is that most of its content requires payment, and filters are limited for full-body photos. Additionally, FaceApp does not offer photo-to-painting transformation.. Check out this popular post to for more face apps: Top 10 Face Swap Apps Review 2023.

Top 10 AI Portraits Generators Review 2023 (8)


  • Perfect your photos in many ways
  • Some fun functions, like gender swap


  • Most contents are paid
  • Filters are far too limited for full-body photos
  • Can’t turn your photos into painting

8. Lensa

  • Notable features: Automated retouching, Bokeh effect, Petzval lens effect
  • Price: Free & Paid ( $5 per month or $30 per year)
  • Compatibility: iOS

Lensa, designed primarily for enhancing selfies, provides automated retouching features that detect and remove blemishes, perfecting skin and eyes. This app is ideal for users who want to improve their portraits without manual editing.

From our perspective of experience, Lensa's ability to create dynamic portraits using the Bokeh effect and the Petzval lens effect for an interesting swirly Bokeh adds depth and interest to images.

The app's main limitation is its inability to transform photos into paintings, which may deter users looking for that specific feature.

If you're looking for a tool to help you enlarge images, then you can go to Image Upscalers Review to check out our list.

Top 10 AI Portraits Generators Review 2023 (9)


  • Perfect your photos in an extremely excellent way


  • Can’t turn your photos into painting

9. Aicut

  • Notable features: Dual filter application, auto image segmentation, auto hashtag generator
  • Price: Free
  • Compatibility: iOS & Android

Aicut is a unique tool that enables users to apply two different filters in one photo, separating people and objects from the background. This app is best suited for users seeking creative control over their images with multiple filter options.

During our research, we found Aicut's auto image segmentation and auto hashtag generator features to be particularly useful, streamlining the editing process and facilitating social media sharing.

The app's primary shortcoming is its lack of zooming capabilities, which may limit users' ability to fine-tune their images.

Top 10 AI Portraits Generators Review 2023 (10)


  • Easy to use


  • Lack of zooming

10. S Pro Camera

  • Notable features: Intelligent shooting, various modes, AI scene detection
  • Price: Free
  • Compatibility: Android

S Pro Camera is an AI-powered camera app that provides a one-stop solution for photography enthusiasts, supporting AI scene detection, pro mode, beauty, portrait, Bokeh, sticker, filter, Gif emoji, and motion photo. It is suitable for users who desire a comprehensive camera app with various modes and AI features.

From our hands-on experience, we appreciated S Pro Camera's ability to take full advantage of hardware capabilities, compatibility with all platforms and camera modules, and support for features such as ZSL, continuous shooting, HDR, panorama, and time-lapse.

The app's limitations include difficulty detecting objects in portrait mode and subpar picture quality, which may hinder some users' experience.

Top 10 AI Portraits Generators Review 2023 (11)


  • Intelligent shooting
  • Support various modes


  • In portrait mode, can’t detect objects
  • Picture quality is not that good


Since a great number of people are looking for a tool to make their own Renaissance-style paintings, if you are one of them, the first four products can help you do that. The output will be extremely different from the original one. Maybe you can’t even recognize yourself.

If you need a tool to perfect your selfies or apply some fun effects on your portraits, FaceAPP and Lensa work well. They can perfect your portraits in an all-round way with less effort. But they can’t make your images look like paintings.

If you’re looking for a camera to take AI portraits, then you need S Pro Camera. All the editing process happens before you take a photo.


Are AI Portraits Generators Safe to Use?

Some of you may worry about your privacy issue when using these apps. Will they store my data on their servers? Will they sell my data to third parties? Generally speaking, a few of them are reported to do that. But VanceAI Sketch Converter, an online app, is safe to use since it promises to delete the image you upload within hours.

Many apps explicitly explain their policy in the Terms of Use or Privacy Policy. Before you use it, please read them carefully. If you want to find some online programs to easily enlarge images, please check out our Image Enlargers Review.

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