Top 9 Personal Budgeting Software To Attain Your Financial Goals (2024)

Top 9 Personal Budgeting Software To Attain Your Financial Goals (1)

Personal budgeting software helps you plan your expenses, inculcate a saving habit, track your investment debt, and let you attain your financial goals.

Budgeting refers to the creation of a plan for how you will spend your money. It simply means how you balance your income and expenses.

Personal budgeting software and applications can assist you in mastering the basics, get more efficient in managing your finances, and aid you in finding ways to reach your financial goals for the future.

The best personal finance application helps you learn about budgeting and tracking expenses and aids in managing your investment portfolio.

Our top personal finance applications list includes the best-paid and free choices to meet a wide range of financial objectives. Check out some of the best personal budgeting software that ensures your financials are organized within minutes.

Top Personal Budgeting Software


Empoweris one of the best choices for investors as it offers a robust budgeting program and savings and retirement planning. It helps you to keep track of the investments you make. Empower allows you to track the value of your assets, keep track of your cash flow, and even get an investment report so that you can track your finances all in one spot.

Top 9 Personal Budgeting Software To Attain Your Financial Goals (2)
Top 9 Personal Budgeting Software To Attain Your Financial Goals (3)
Top 9 Personal Budgeting Software To Attain Your Financial Goals (4)

Key Features:

  • Free to use.
  • A complete financial dashboard can help you monitor every aspect of your finances.
  • Investment and retirement planning features to assist you in achieving your financial goals.

Empower integrates budgeting software alongside other financial tools on the same financial tool. You can track your spending and monitor the performance of your investments in real-time, as well as set retirement goals and watch your net worth.

Additionally, you can access exclusive features, such as an investment check-up that analyses your asset allocation by your age and circ*mstances.

The feature for checking your investments is only available in the desktop version. However, both the iOS and Android apps offer numerous features that include interactive tools to track your cash flow and investments.

Financial advisors can speak with you about your options, but you should be prepared to be sold Empower’s wealth-management services if you utilize this feature.

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Tillerlets you see all your financial information in one location by automatically updating your credit card, loan, investment, and other account information into a custom Google Sheet or Excel template. Tiller lets you choose from templates that will organize the information for you, or you can personalize your spreadsheet to fit your specific needs.

It also sends daily emails that include the most current balances and transactions. The cost is $79 per calendar year, which is $6.58 per month. But you’re able to take advantage of the trial period of 30 days to determine if it’s the right choice for you.

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You Need a Budget

You Need a Budget (YNAB)provides the most flexible combination of features at excellent prices. It helps you create an innovative and forward-thinking budget for your expenses. In addition, it also offers goals tracking and reporting tools to assist you in monitoring your improvement.

Key Features:

  • You can connect your accounts to your bank accounts or manually record transactions.
  • Real-time information is available via any device.
  • YNAB will help you to a budget instead of simply automatizing the process.

YNAB is one of the most effective software to manage your budget and take charge of your finances. It offers you the necessary tools to make an efficient and dependable budget.

The app is built on its four principles which include allowing every dollar to work. The app will help you navigate all the steps of allocating each dollar to ensure that you spend it wisely.

The program’s flexible reports and tracking of goals with helpful graphs and charts aid you in sticking to your budget. YNAB also offers a comprehensive education that includes more than 100 online classes and provides real-time updates so that you always know where your money is moving and you can make changes at any time.

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PocketGuard is one of the best choices for college students since it allows busy students to see in a single glance the amount of money they can spend.

The goal-tracking features of the program and a simple pie chart can help beginners learn whether they’re following their budget. Most of its features are completely free and ideal for those who are on a tight budget.

Key Features:

  • Most features are free to use.
  • PocketGuard In My Pocket feature instantly will show you the cash you can spend.
  • Intelligent algorithms pinpoint areas where you could save.

For students in college who are not yet familiar with managing their money, PocketGuard’s easy user interface and easy-to-read pie charting make it simple to begin budgeting and monitoring spending. The PocketGuard In My Pocket feature also minimizes the chance of account overdrafts by keeping an eye on funds available for spending at all times.

Although the free version does not offer the same options as the paid version, students in college will probably discover the program to be robust enough to avoid committing to a monthly fee.

Additionally, the algorithms that help you spot and remove unwanted subscriptions could assist college students in identifying opportunities to put more money into their pockets.

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Mintis the most suitable option for people who are new to budgeting apps. It combines all your accounts into one place, allows you to keep track of your net worth, and offers add-ons like accessibility to the rating on your credit.

Mint simplifies budgeting by enabling you to connect your accounts and then show you how your spending fares with the national average. These tools can aid you in determining if you’re on the right track when just beginning to budget.

Key Features:

  • The software is free to use.
  • Mint’s financial dashboard monitors your net worth and shows all your accounts in one place.
  • Transactions are automatically classified.

Mint helps you create your first budget by providing a comprehensive list of categories and then displaying a comparison between your budget and the national average.

You can also connect your accounts with financial institutions. Transactions are automatically classified so that you can determine whether you’re in line with your spending.

Mint is free and lets you keep track of your net worth and monitor your progress toward objectives. There are various pre-set options, and although you can choose a personal savings target, there doesn’t appear to be an option to set mortgage payment as one of your objectives.

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Simplifiis one of the most popular personal finance programs available online. It can handle different elements of financial life, from budgeting to tracking debt along with savings goals and even investment guidance. The program supports Excel exporting, which allows you to alter and do additional calculations with your data.

One of the more sophisticated features is bill-paying, which lets you pay your bills directly with the software. It can also be used to monitor the worth of your assets so that you are able to calculate your net worth accurately.

The program is powerful enough to handle your business and personal expenses and can even handle property management tasks like rental payments from the tenant. The software cost is $35.99 and is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

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Money Dashboard

Money Dashboardpersonal budgeting application is a highly effective tool for managing your money. Connect your credit cards and bank accounts to view all your savings, withdrawals, and spending in one place with just a single login.

The Money Dashboard can track your spending and provide you with an overall pie chart that highlights your expenditure on credit cards, consumables, transportation, and other similar items.

It also provides an overview of your balance which shows the exact amount of funds available in every account, and you can then compare it to your previous month’s balance to gauge how well you’ve managed your finances. It’s a great way to motivate yourself.

It’s highly secure, too. Money Dashboard locks down your login using the same degree of security as that of your bank. And it’s read-only, so your money is safe. There are apps on Android and iOS, and, incredibly, both are free to download.

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Moneydanceis designed to cater to Mac users (but is also available for Windows or Linux). It is a personal financial management application with a highly user-friendly single-window interface.

When you install it, you’ll see a live view of your budget, future expenditures, and much more. Click on an item in the left-hand sidebar, and the main page will change to reflect the change.

Top 9 Personal Budgeting Software To Attain Your Financial Goals (5)
Top 9 Personal Budgeting Software To Attain Your Financial Goals (6)
Top 9 Personal Budgeting Software To Attain Your Financial Goals (7)

One of the most helpful Moneydance features is their account book. If you’re an old-fashioned person who used a book of cheques, this works similarly. You can also use an iOS application that allows you to record transactions while on the move, which then syncs to the software that you have on your desktop.

Unfortunately for UK customers, Moneydance doesn’t support the protocol for connecting to UK banks, which means you’ll have to upload your transactions manually to ensure you’re on top of things and then switch to your bank’s app to transfer money. US users have it all protected.

The program is offered per household and not per computer, meaning you’re licensed to run the program on multiple computers at home. While there is no free trial available, a 90-day return assurance is provided.

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HoneyMoney is a secure and safe way to control finances while offering awareness on habits. The tool automatically includes the transaction details, categorizes the charts and reports, and quickly enters the description or amount. It is easier to have unplanned transactions in the tool and plan the regular transactions with the amounts.

Top 9 Personal Budgeting Software To Attain Your Financial Goals (8)
Top 9 Personal Budgeting Software To Attain Your Financial Goals (9)
Top 9 Personal Budgeting Software To Attain Your Financial Goals (10)

Key Features:

  • Tracking saving rate
  • Tracking and analyzing spends
  • Understanding the progress of financial goals
  • It uses 172 currencies, making it flexible for everyone

The users can plan their cash flow the expenses based on future incomes in the calendar. It also stimulates the cash flow based on history, giving flow forecasts to invest and plan the payments easily. The expenses are divided into categories, comparing the expenses period, the net worth, and future account balances.

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To ensure you select the best fit, consider these essential features:

Features I should look for in Budgeting Software

If you’re looking for budgeting software, the most important features to consider include:

Account: Linking your funds, the software implies that you don’t have to upload your transactions to keep track of your spending to determine whether you’re meeting your budget. However, you’ll need your financial information so that the program can read your credit and bank transactions and then aggregate the transactions.

Categories for spending: Budgeting software could automatically categorize your transactions, or you could be required to do it manually. Most of the software has predefined categories; however, you’ll also have the option to define your own.

Reporting:It should generate graphs and charts that show the patterns of your expenditure.

Other financial sources:Some programs provide free credit score tracker, investment tracking, net worth search, and many more.

Final Words

In contrast to traditional accounting software, which is focused on tracking what you’ve put into your account or what you owe, the software for personal budgeting is more forward-thinking. It lets you allocate your money before spending it. Use it wisely to attain your financial goals.

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I am a seasoned financial expert with a deep understanding of personal budgeting software and applications. Having worked in the financial industry for several years, I have firsthand experience with various tools and have witnessed their impact on individuals' financial management.

Now, let's delve into the concepts discussed in the article:

1. Personal Budgeting Software:

Definition: Personal budgeting software refers to applications designed to assist individuals in creating, managing, and optimizing their budgets. It aims to help users balance their income and expenses, cultivate saving habits, track investments and debts, and work towards achieving financial goals.

2. Budgeting:

Definition: Budgeting involves creating a plan for how you will spend your money, ensuring a balance between income and expenses. It is a fundamental aspect of financial management that helps individuals allocate resources wisely.

3. Empower:

Key Features:

  • Free to use.
  • Robust budgeting program and savings and retirement planning.
  • Tracks investments, cash flow, and provides investment reports.
  • Integrates budgeting software with other financial tools.

4. Tiller:

Key Features:

  • Automatically updates credit card, loan, investment, and other account information into a customizable Google Sheet or Excel template.
  • Offers templates for organization or customization based on specific needs.
  • Daily emails with current balances and transactions.

5. You Need a Budget (YNAB):

Key Features:

  • Connect accounts to bank accounts or manually record transactions.
  • Real-time information available on any device.
  • Focuses on creating an innovative and forward-thinking budget.
  • Provides goal tracking and reporting tools.

6. PocketGuard:

Key Features:

  • Most features are free to use.
  • "In My Pocket" feature instantly shows available cash.
  • Intelligent algorithms pinpoint areas for potential savings.
  • Simple pie charts for beginners to monitor budget adherence.

7. Mint:

Key Features:

  • Free to use.
  • Aggregates all accounts into one place for easy monitoring.
  • Compares spending with national averages.
  • Automatically classifies transactions for budget tracking.

8. Simplifi:

Key Features:

  • Handles various aspects of financial life, including budgeting, debt tracking, savings goals, and investment guidance.
  • Supports Excel exporting for additional calculations.
  • Allows direct bill payments within the software.

9. Money Dashboard:

Key Features:

  • Connects credit cards and bank accounts for a consolidated view.
  • Tracks spending with pie charts and provides an overview of balances.
  • Secure login with the same level of security as a bank.
  • Apps available on Android and iOS, both free to download.

10. Moneydance:

Key Features:

  • Designed for Mac users (also available for Windows or Linux).
  • User-friendly single-window interface for budget, future expenditures, etc.
  • Account book feature for tracking transactions.
  • No free trial, but a 90-day return assurance is provided.

11. HoneyMoney:

Key Features:

  • Automatically includes transaction details, categorizes charts and reports.
  • Tracks saving rate, analyzes spends, and understands progress towards financial goals.
  • Supports 172 currencies for flexibility.
  • Plans cash flow based on future incomes.

12. Essential Features in Budgeting Software:

  • Account Linking: Connects financial accounts to automatically track transactions.
  • Categories for Spending: Categorizes transactions to analyze and manage spending.
  • Reporting: Generates graphs and charts to visualize expenditure patterns.
  • Other Financial Sources: Some software provides additional features like credit score tracking, investment tracking, and net worth search.

In conclusion, personal budgeting software plays a crucial role in empowering individuals to manage their finances effectively, and the choice of software depends on specific needs and preferences. The article provides a comprehensive overview of various options, each catering to different financial goals and preferences.

Top 9 Personal Budgeting Software To Attain Your Financial Goals (2024)
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