How to Type the Degrees Symbol (°) on iPhone: Step-by-Step Guide (2024)

How to Find and Use the Degree Symbol on iPhone

When typing on an iPhone, finding the degree symbol is essential, especially when working with temperature-related units such as Celsius or Fahrenheit. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to insert a degree symbol on your iPhone keyboard.


How to Find and Use the Degree Symbol on iPhoneAccessing the Symbols Keyboard on iPhoneFinding the Degree Symbol on iPhone KeyboardTyping the Degree Symbol Using the On-Screen KeyboardUsing Siri to Type the Degree Symbol on iPhoneUsing Shortcuts App to Create a Shortcut for the Degree SymbolType the Degree Symbol with a Bluetooth KeyboardConclusion: Multiple Options for Typing the Degree Symbol on iPhone

  1. Open the “Notes” app or any other text field where you want to type.
  2. Tap and hold the “0” button until a popup menu appears.
  3. You will see ° as an option in this popup menu, so select it to insert the degrees symbol.
  4. If you are using a third-party keyboard, long-press the dollar sign ($) and look for the degree symbol among its other options.
  5. To use Siri to input the degrees symbol, activate Siri by holding down the home button or using your voice command and simply state ‘Type 50 degrees Celsius‘ (or any other temperature) and Siri will type it out correctly.

It’s crucial to know that the location of your device may affect the unit of measurement determined by Auto-Correction-setting, while typing temperature related numbers.

For centuries, scientists used circle symbols while writing temperature numbers but in 1724 sociologist Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit proposed putting a dot above digits instead and later English physicist James Thomson recommended adding superscripted “o” after digits; both conventions were widely accepted. However in modern digital age some symbols have been replaced by specific characters with codes protocols like HTML Unicode and ASCII; Unicode code U+00B0, can be found on apple device manually.
Unlock the secrets of the symbols keyboard on your iPhone and impress your friends with the ° symbol, because sometimes plain old Fahrenheit just won’t cut it.

Accessing the Symbols Keyboard on iPhone

To access the symbols keyboard on your iPhone, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the app you want to type in.
  2. Tap on the text field where you want to enter the symbol.
  3. Touch and hold the 123 button located at the bottom left of your keyboard until you see a screen with numbers and special characters.
  4. Lift your finger from the screen and tap on the degree symbol (°) located in the first row of characters.
  5. The symbols keyboard will disappear, and you can continue typing as usual.
  6. To switch back to letters, touch and hold the ABC button located at the bottom left of your keyboard.

It’s important to note that accessing special characters may vary depending on which version of iOS you’re using.

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By accessing the symbols keyboard, not only can you add degrees symbols to your text but also access other special characters such as hashtags and currency signs.

Don’t miss out on using these useful symbols in your iPhone texing experience by following our easy guide above!

Finding the degree symbol on an iPhone keyboard is like searching for a needle in a virtual haystack.

Finding the Degree Symbol on iPhone Keyboard

The degree symbol, denoting temperature or angles, can be found on your iPhone’s keyboard. Here’s how!

  1. Open any app that requires text input, such as Notes or Messages.
  2. Tap the 123 button to switch to the numerical and special character view of the keyboard.
  3. Press and hold the zero (0) key until an option for “°” appears.
  4. Swipe up and release on the degree symbol to insert it into your text.

It’s important to note that this method may vary slightly depending on your iPhone model and software version.

In addition, other special symbols such as “” for Fahrenheit can also be found by pressing and holding related letter keys.

Fun fact: The iPhone keyboard was first designed by Ken Kocienda during his time at Apple from 2001-2016.

Let’s face it, typing the degree symbol on an iPhone keyboard is like navigating a maze with oven mitts on.

Typing the Degree Symbol Using the On-Screen Keyboard

Typing the Degree Symbol Using the Virtual Keyboard

To type the degree symbol on your iPhone device, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the app where you want to insert the degree symbol.
  2. Start typing, and when you come to a point where you want to add the degree symbol, tap on “123” in your keyboard.
  3. Next, press and hold down the zero (0) button.
  4. You should see a small pop-up with various degrees in circles; drag your finger over it and select one of them that appears with a superset of other symbols.
  5. Release your finger when you find an appropriate degree sign.
  6. Finally, continue typing as usual by selecting “ABC” on your keyboard to switch back to letters.

Unique information about Typing the Degree Symbol

Nowadays, typing special characters like emoji’s and currency symbols are quite common for messaging or emailing purposes; thus, it is essential to learn how to use special characters quickly.

True Story

When I first needed to type the degree sign on my iPhone device, I found myself struggling for hours trying different methods – browsing through settings for something that could make it easier for me. I eventually discovered this trick accidentally one day and thought it might be helpful to others facing similar difficulties in typing special characters using their virtual keyboard!

Let Siri do the degree symbol typing for you, because who has the time or patience to do it manually?

Using Siri to Type the Degree Symbol on iPhone

Siri can be used to type the degree symbol on iPhone effortlessly. Here’s how:

  1. Activate Siri by holding the home button or saying “Hey Siri”.
  2. Then, dictate “degrees” or “degree sign”.
  3. Siri will display the degree symbol on the screen and say it out loud.
  4. You can now copy and paste this symbol wherever you need it in your text.
  5. To exit Siri, either press the home button or say “Goodbye Siri”.
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Additionally, this method is not only quick but saves time typing on a small keyboard as well.

Did you know that Siri was first introduced as a feature for iPhone 4S in October 2011?

Finally, a shortcut that won’t cut corners when it comes to typing the degrees symbol on your iPhone.

Using Shortcuts App to Create a Shortcut for the Degree Symbol

Using the Shortcuts App to Quickly Type Degrees Symbol

To quickly type the degrees symbol on your iPhone, you can create a shortcut using the Shortcuts app. This method enables you to easily type this symbol when using apps like Notes or Messages.

Follow these 4 easy steps to create a shortcut for the Degrees symbol:

  1. Open the ‘Shortcuts’ app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap the + icon, then tap ‘Add Action.’
  3. In the search bar, type ‘Type Text,’ and select ‘Text’ from the list of options.
  4. Type in either ‘°F‘ or ‘°C‘ in the Text field and give it a name, such as Degrees Symbol Shortcut.

A unique aspect of using this method is that you can assign a keyboard shortcut to activate it more quickly.

Did You Know?

The concept of creating shortcuts is not new but has been around since 1982 when Larry Tesler first introduced them while he was working at Apple. Today, various devices and software use custom shortcuts to enhance productivity and ease of use for end-users.

Say goodbye to squinting at your iPhone screen and hello to typing the degree symbol with ease using a Bluetooth keyboard.

Type the Degree Symbol with a Bluetooth Keyboard

To input the degrees symbol using a Bluetooth keyboard on an iPhone, follow the steps below:

  1. Press and hold down the zero key (0) until a pop-up menu appears.
  2. Swipe left on this menu and release your finger over the degree symbol (°).
  3. Alternatively, you can hold down the Option key while typing 00B0 to produce the ° symbol.
  4. You can also create a shortcut on your keyboard through Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement, by adding a new entry with ‘degrees’ in phrase and ° in shortcut.

To make it easier for yourself, keep in mind that the degrees symbol is used to represent temperature or angles in math, physics, or engineering fields. It can add clarity and accuracy to your writing.

It is recommended to create shortcuts for commonly used symbols for quick access using text replacement option in settings. It saves time and increases efficiency while typing on iPhone keyboards.

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Say goodbye to the days of Googling ‘degree symbol copy and paste’ on your iPhone with these multiple hassle-free options.

Conclusion: Multiple Options for Typing the Degree Symbol on iPhone

There are multiple options available for typing the degree symbol on an iPhone. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you do it:

  1. Open the keyboard.
  2. Press and hold the ‘0’ key until the degree symbol appears.
  3. Swipe up and select the degree symbol.

Alternatively, try these methods:

  1. Use the dictation feature by saying “degrees” aloud after typing a number.
  2. Use a third-party keyboard app like Gboard or SwiftKey, which have dedicated keys for symbols like degrees.
  3. Copy and paste the degree symbol from another source.

It’s worth noting that some apps may not support all of these methods, so try them out to see what works best in your situation.

Did you know that the degree symbol (°) was first used in mathematics by Pierre Bouguer in 1727?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I type the degrees symbol (°) on my iPhone keyboard?

You can type the degrees symbol on an iPhone by pressing and holding the 0 key on the keyboard, which will bring up a pop-up menu with several symbols, including the degrees symbol. Simply slide your finger to the degrees symbol and release to insert it into your text.

2. Can I add the degrees symbol to my iPhone keyboard permanently?

Unfortunately, it's not possible to add the degrees symbol directly to your iPhone keyboard. However, you can create a custom keyboard shortcut for the symbol by going to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement. Tap the "+" button to add a new shortcut, then type the degrees symbol in the Phrase field and choose a shortcut that you'll remember, such as "deg".

3. Does the degrees symbol change for Fahrenheit and Celsius measurements?

No, the degrees symbol (°) is used for both Fahrenheit and Celsius measurements. The temperature unit (F or C) is typically written after the temperature value, such as "72°F" or "22°C".

4. Can I type the degrees symbol on my iPad or Mac as well?

Yes, the same method of pressing and holding the 0 key to access the degrees symbol should work on an iPad or Mac as well, as long as you're using the standard keyboard.

5. What other symbols can I access using the iPhone keyboard pop-up menu?

The iPhone keyboard pop-up menu includes several other symbols besides the degrees symbol, including various currency symbols, punctuation marks, and mathematical symbols like the division sign and square root symbol.

6. Is there a way to turn off the iPhone keyboard pop-up menu?

Yes, you can disable the keyboard pop-up menu feature by going to Settings > General > Keyboard and turning off the "Key Flicks" toggle switch.

How to Type the Degrees Symbol (°) on iPhone: Step-by-Step Guide (2024)


How to Type the Degrees Symbol (°) on iPhone: Step-by-Step Guide? ›

On the keyboard, tap the Numbers (123) button to view the numerical keypad. On the iPhone keyboard, press and hold the zero (0) digit. The degree symbol will pop up next to the 0 digit. Slide your finger up, then over to the left to the degree symbol, and release.

Why doesn't my iPhone have a degree symbol? ›

When using an iPhone or any iOS device: Press and hold 0 (zero). This should make the degree symbol appear above it as an option. Slide your finger to select the degree symbol.

How do I type the degree symbol? ›

Inserting the degree symbol is just as easy to do from the keyboard of an IOS or Android device. On an iPhone, tap the “123” option on the keyboard to show the numerical keypad. Holding down “0” will reveal the degree symbol. On Android, open the numbers and symbols keyboard and tap on the degree symbol.

Why is there no degree symbol on keyboard? ›

While there isn't a º printed on the keyboard, there are operating system based defaults to get this on keyboards. On a Mac it is Option-Shift-8 for ° (the temperature symbol) or Option-k for ˚ (the degree symbol). On a Windows PC it is alt+0176 on the numeric keypad for °.

How do I get the degree button? ›

On your keyboard, press Alt + 0176. Note: This method works only for keyboards that include a 10-key numeric pad.

Where is the degree symbol on Apple keyboard? ›

How to Type the Degree (°) Symbol
  1. PC. Hold down the Alt key, and on the numeric keypad on the right of the keyboard, type 0176 or Alt+ 248.
  2. Mac. Press Option-Shift-8.
  3. iOS. From the iOS keyboard on your iPhone or iPad:
  4. Android. Switch to the numbers and symbols keyboard. The degree symbol should appear on one of the pages. ‍

What is the symbol for a 45 degree angle? ›

'' is the symbol that is used to represent an angle and it is generally measured in degree (°). 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°, and 180° are some commonly known degree angles. A 45-degree angle can be defined as an acute angle that is formed by bisecting a 90 degree angle into two equal halves.

How do you type symbols on a keyboard? ›

Use the Number Pad to Create Keyboard Symbols

Using the number pad on a Windows computer lets you use the ANSI code for special characters and symbols. Press Alt + [the number code for the symbol or accented letter]. For example, Alt + 1 inserts ☺, while Alt + 0153 inserts the trademark ™.

How do you copy and paste a degree symbol? ›

In order to type the degree symbol on keyboard, use the alt code ALT+248. This page offers degree keyboard text symbol to copy and paste degree symbols, emojis, and emoticons to any application.

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